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Piva, the company founded by Pietro Piva in Treviso in 1987, represents the dynamic world of highly advanced technology. It entered the homemade ice-cream market by offering a range of illuminated screens and signs designed to create a strongly customised image for every shop.

In 1988 Piva introduced the Cono 3D, a new type of 3-dimensional sign shaped like an ice-cream cone which, modified over the years to become more streamlined, was also available in the Soft and current Ice Cream models. The following year the company created Trash Can, the first fibreglass cone 175 cm high which functions as a rubbish bin.
Subsequently, the first immersion taste markers were produced, followed in 2004 by the first new counter cone-presenter, the wave-shaped Rondò model with four openings, and by the Luck model, a clover-shaped cone-presenter with 3+1 openings.

Piva has also been the first company to introduce the illuminated displays created from digital files in the ice-cream sector, complemented by multi-coloured backgrounds.

In 2008, the company moved into its new premises in Villorba (Treviso), a larger and more suitable location meeting the needs of a company in continuous expansion.

The current range of products includes a wide choice of cone and wafer holders, counter cones, illuminated notices and signs, menus, taste-markers and ice-cream accessories. All products are unique for their attractively crafted outline, and for the use of exclusively made-in-Italy materials, as a guarantee of absolute quality and innovative design. In particular, the 3-dimensional cone in fibreglass – Ice Cream model – 210 cm high, is equipped with a concrete base that can be removed, is resistant to crashes and weather conditions, and can be repaired and repainted. The curved display EL29/EL30 is an outstanding model in the range of illuminated displays, and it is complementend by a wide selection of photographic images and decorations.

“Piva has always offered a complete range of useful and indispensable products for ice-cream outlets. Thanks to Piva, every shop can be transformed into a unique space, with its own strongly customised image”
Francesca and Pietro Piva, owners of the Piva company

Especially over recent years, Piva has offered new styles to the market, by creating innovative combinations of metal materials with coloured Plexiglas.

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