What to Consider when Starting a Business with Ice Cream!

If you’re in the first stages of fantasizing about an ice cream or gelato business, you’re probably imagining working with family members and bringing a smile to all the people you serve.

You may even have considered the candy like layout of your counters or explored what will be your USP.
It’s this desire and passion that sees those starting out become a huge success, we know because we’ve helped many of new Ice cream and Gelato businesses thrive!

Why Should You Open Your Own Ice Cream Shop?

These are questions family and investors may ask, however you can answer confidently knowing that:

  • You’re choosing a business that brings happiness therefor improving your own mental health!
  • You’re entering into a recession proof industry
  • You are about to claim your share of the hundreds of millions of pounds invested in Ice Cream
  • You have the option to grow considerably from the outset
  • You can work with whoever you choose from family to friends

We won’t pretty the picture, as starting your own ice cream shop isn’t as easy as simply making the decision. Like working for yourself in any profession you must be prepared to put the hours in in order to reap the rewards.
You won’t mind doing this though because the business will be all yours!

Questions to Ask Yourself

Now you’ve made the choice to go ahead and investigate what it takes to set up your ice cream shop there are a few aspects to consider such as:

  • What will be your Unique Selling Point?
  • Do you have an idea of what you’ll do differently to your local competition?

How to Stand Out from the Crowd

Some popular differences include:

  • Traditional ice cream, complete with old ice cream trollies, cottage like appearance, white aprons and of course, a barrow boy.
  • Organic Ice cream where your ingredients are free from any pesticides
  • Funky Flavours where you offer new and exciting taste sensations
  • Low Fat Ice Cream using a range of tools to ensure you present Ice Cream at its healthiest

Once you’re confident that your Ice Cream shop will be different or better than any competition, you can then begin to think about what you need.

Added Extras

You’ll probably need the equipment we supply, along with our counters and maybe our design but what about the extras?

  • Will you be taking your ice cream to fairs in a traditional van?
  • Do you need extra freezer space?
  • Where will you store your ice cream?
  • How will you distribute it?

Location, Location, Location

Then there’s your location, everyone envies the ice cream shop owners that trade by the seaside yet Ice Cream shops can thrive in almost any part of the world.

  • Will you be offering it from a stand in a shopping centre?
  • Would your budget stretch to a High Street Store?
  • Would you prefer to sell wholesale having little customer interaction at all?

This may seem like a lot to consider but let’s face it, there are few sweeter things in life than thinking about Ice Cream.

Of course, we’ll help you every step of the way as we believe in our motto, “Give someone an Ice Cream Make them Happy All Day, Give Them the Shop, and Make Them Happy for Life”.

Your Next Step… learn how to make Ice Cream!

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