BRX Pozzetto

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Ice Cream Counters to Customize Your Space

Functionality and beauty cut to size for unique projects.

Linear and corner modules combine in a practical set up of ice cream tubs, hot and fresh toppings trays. The choice of integrated tubs sets new trends not only for its aesthetics, but also for better preservation, freshness and hygiene of products, together with energy savings. This is the choice of professional ice cream makers.

Dedicated to those who love to turn their job into a work of art

Tradition renews itself like the ice cream parlours of the past, the cylinder tubs recall aesthetically and in the perfect preservation of the product the philosophy of Artisan ice cream making.

Innovative display

Low temperature trays. Display top adjustable in height to hold and display a variety of products in an innovative fashion.

Professionalism made practical

The inner space of the equipment is maximized; the water condenser unit is installed perfectly. The compartments are standard in width and depth, but also available cut to size.

Clever projects to serve you when you’re hard at work

A perfect preservation system that enhances tradition, craftsmanship and professionalism for always better results.

Glycol Ice Cream Tank Counters

Ice-cream tank counters, ideal to preserve ice-cream, yogurt and crushed ice, linear and corner modules, which can be placed side by side with topping trays.

Better preservation, freshness and hygiene of products.

Energy savings thanks to the insulation of 70 mm and thanks to the direct contacts of the cooling coil with glycol. Stainless steel top with thermal wood support and with polyurethane foam in the side which covers the tub, electrical resistance to dry the eventual condensation.

Prestigious features which can be put on tailor-made solutions to customize every kind of room.


Refrigerated cabinets for positive and negative temperature. Cabinet frame in environment-friendly monoblock polyurethane. Outside and inside finished in polished stainless steel. Three different kinds of refrigeration, six lengths, three heights, multiple combinations of door and chests outfitting.

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