Ready Stecco Easy is a 100% Italian made machine, designed to meet European standards and expectations. It produces beautiful Popsicles at a productivity rate of 144 sticks per hour. It’s unique relationship between capacity and compact structure, makes it practical and compact even in small parlours.

Production can vary depending on the initial temperature of the inserted products. It is also possible to change the shape of the finished Popsicle with a choice of 20 different moulds.

Technical Specifications

The Easy machine is made of three sections: two cold bowls for chilling and one hot bowl to detach the ice cream from the mould. All the bowls are made of AISI 304 stainless steel with rounded corners and are free of welds at the edges and bottom. The two cold bowls can reach a temperature of -45°C, allowing the product to freeze in short time.

The hot bowl has a temperature of 35/40°C, creating a temperature rise of about 80°C. The machine is controlled by an easy-to-use electronic controller with a 3½ inch touch screen. The Easy machine keeps your Popsicles at the perfect temperature until you are ready to extract them.

Products Ice cream, fruit juice, sorbet on stick
Production 144 Pz/h (production time depends on the mixture used and initial temperature)
Voltage 220-230V 50 Hz (available with different tensions and frequencies)
Power 2800W
Condensation Air, Water (optional)
Dimensions (cm) 85 x 67 x 85
Gas R404


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